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There is nothing scarier than coming home to a burning house.

Forget the fact that you may have to foot a huge bill to restore it, but the feeling like all the memories you made in the house have gone up in flames with it.

There is a hollow feeling that comes with this scene.

It is for this reason that many feel the need to simply sell the house and move on.

However, it is pretty hard to find a buyer for a torched house.

This article will give you tips on how to handle a house damaged by fire, and who to sell it to should you wish to move on.

But, if you are saying to yourself, I need someone to “buy my house fast Dallas”

The following should help:

How To Sell A House QuicklyClarify your insurance coverage terms

The first thing you need to do before even thinking of selling your home is to find out if your insurance policy covers damage by fire; of course, this is assuming that you have a policy on your home.

Find out if the insurance company compensates on fire damage and to what to extent.

In other words, do a deep dive of your current policy

Get to cleaning

It is of course pretty hard to totally let go of your home.

In order for you to sell it though, you will need to clean it up.

Fire leaves a lot of smoke, ashes and a smell that does not go away on its own.

There are certain ways of getting everything cleaned up.

Your best option here is to hire a professional cleaning company that specializes in cleaning fire damaged homes and personal property.

They will not only know how to clean the house and all that is saved from it but also how to neutralize the smell left by the fire to make the home habitable again.

Salvage what you can

Much as your home is burnt, there is no point in losing everything.

Look into what furniture, cabinets and anything else can be saved.

Have the cleaning company remove these and clean them up.

Whether you choose to carry the salvageable with you or sell it, it is still to your advantage to have it all cleaned.

Who knows, it could even help you stage the house when you sell it.

Take all safety measures

The only way your home will sell is if it is fit for habitation.

You therefore need to check if the wiring works, the plumbing and also if the roof is still intact. You may need to hire professionals to do all this for you.

It will cost you far less to hire professionals than if you tried to do it yourself and overlooked things because you’re thinking you want to quickly find someone to “buy my house fast Dallas”.

Cash For Houses DirectPut Your Home On The Market

The truth is:

When all this is done, your home is finally ready to be sold fast in Dallas.

Now you can either choose to list it with a real estate agent


Sell to a cash buyer

Remember, no matter which route you choose, you must disclose things related to the home to the buyer.

If you don’t want the hassle of showing your home and making it pretty, then a cash buyer will be the option for you.

A company like Cash For Houses Direct will be ready to buy your Dallas home fast for cash.


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