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Buy My Ugly House Dallas Texas

//Buy My Ugly House Dallas Texas

Buy My Ugly House Dallas Texas

man in front of houseBuy My Ugly House Dallas Texas

So you are wondering ” who will buy my ugly house Dallas Texas”?

If you are thinking about selling your home, then this article will show you how to sell your Dallas home, and for top dollar.

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Buy My Ugly House Dallas Texas9 Tips For Quick Home Sale

In a competitive market you better have a few tricks up your sleeve to get your Dallas/ Fort Worth home sold quickly.

WCPO Channel 9 shared some awesome tips for selling fast.

The tips are:

1. Declutter everywhere

“The entire house looks bigger and better when you declutter,” Sloan said.

Decluttering also applies to the garage (get rid of the old, unused strollers, wagons, and lawn furniture), and even to the yard, where you should trim back overgrown shrubs that now block windows, and keep light out of the house.

2. Hide collectibles

Sloan told Karen to put away personal touches, like the collectibles she had on shelves in the living room. They, too, fall in the clutter category. Just put them in a box for your next home.

3. Take down family photos

Sloan says family photos are a distraction.

You want a young couple to imagine themselves living in your house, as opposed to them taking over another family’s treasured home.

You are just helping another family have a blank slate.

4. Enlarge rooms with “staging”

Less furniture shows off more of the floor (ideally, hardwood not carpeting), and makes the home look much larger.

Then you can stage it with a few simple colorful pillows, vases, and other contemporary touches but (not Grandma’s old throw pillow and hand knitted blankets, tuck those away too)

5. Clean up the kitchen

Sloan says start by scrubbing floors, counters, and cabinets. But then tuck away blenders and all the other knick knacks on the counter.

If you have a 15 year old white refrigerator, Sloan suggests clients spent $1,000 on a new stainless steel fridge if they can afford it.

She says a $3,000 to $5,000 kitchen investment can bring $10,000 or more at selling time, and make the home sell much quicker.

6. Make closets look larger

Michelle’s sixth secret, which is a really good one: remove half the coats and shirts hanging in closets, to make them look bigger.  It won’t cost a thing.

7. Neutralize the paint

Home buyers want a neutral “canvas” on the walls, Sloan said.

Sloan suggests you update interior colors to off white or light gray. “The most inexpensive thing you can do is paint,” she said.

9. Goodbye to brass and other dated fittings

Sloan says you can replace brass outdoor lights for as little as $25 each at a home improvement store.

…via 9 secrets to sell your home really fast – WCPO

These are all awesome tips to help your place sell.

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