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Buy Our Dallas Vacant House Quick

//Buy Our Dallas Vacant House Quick

Buy Our Dallas Vacant House Quick

buy my house dallasBuy Our Dallas Vacant House Quick

You probably already know that vacant homes can be a pain in the neck to sell, once you’ve moved on…

…and can be equally as stressful dealing with realtors & showings.

Today I’m going to learn the ins and outs of getting your vacant home sold fast.

Wanna know the answer to your question: “ Where can I find someone to buy our dallas vacant house quick?”…

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Common Home Selling Method…

Empty houses can be hard to sell.

Most of the time when people find themselves owning two homes at once, they end up researching to quickly find a real estate agent.

Finding an agent isn’t necessarily a bad idea

The issue is that selling quick might not be in your future when you are listing it with an agent.

The worst part is:

If you end up working with an agent that isn’t an expert at selling homes then this could also extend the timetable of when your house will be sold.

Vacant Houses Selling In Other Areas

Now I know you are in Dallas, but had to share the story of this boarded up house that just sold for more money than some of our new homes here in Dallas/ Fort Worth according to Lol

An 117-year-old, boarded-up, overgrown, two-bedroom house with tarps covering parts of the roof and chunks of siding missing from the walls, is on the market for nearly half a million dollars.

The Greenwood property, with a price tag of $448,000, has been on the market for about a month, said Marius Grigoriu, the listing agent with ALLPRO Real Estate. He’s received several calls from potential buyers, interested in the lot at 8737 1st Ave NW.

“Huge potential for builders and investors!” the home’s Redfin listing exclaims.

The house has been vacant since December 2016, Grigoriu said. The current owner bought it with the intent of tearing it down and building a new house but decided to sell instead.

The 50-foot by 127-foot lot is located a few blocks from shops, restaurants and grocery stores. Property records show it sold for $381,500 in December 2016.

“Be sure to seize this opportunity while it lasts!” the listing heads.

via For sale in Seattle: Boarded-up house for nearly half a million dollars –

Ok, back to reality…

You live in DFW, so let’s keep talking about your options.

Buy Our Dallas Vacant House QuickAn Option To Sell You May Not Have Heard Of…

You came here because you want to know: “who can buy our dallas vacant house quick?”

The simple answer to this question is:

A cash home-buyer like Cash For Houses Direct.

Forego listing it, and get cash to put into your pocket ASAP.

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This is by far the fastest way to sell your vacant home.

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