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Sell House With Foundation Problems

//Sell House With Foundation Problems

Sell House With Foundation Problems

Sell House With Foundation Problems

Just imagine:

You listed your home on the market, and everything is going smooth

Then during your home inspection, the heartache begins

The home inspector tells your buyer your home needs foundation repair…

The worst part is:

You didn’t even know you had foundation issues and you have owned the house for years!

Talk about raining on your parade…

Trying to sell a home with foundation issues can be terrible.

There is another option that will keep you off heart medication.

In this article you will learn exactly what to do to get your home sold.

You can sell house with foundation problems.

Sell House With Foundation ProblemsMy Home Has Foundation Issues!

So you found out the hard way that your home has foundation problems.

Sometimes foundation issues can go unnoticed for years if you don’t know what to look for.

Other home issues like a leaky roof are much easier to spot, and less likely to catch you off guard.

Even though you might not have noticed you have foundation issues, once you do know, having to repair it can cost you thousands of your hard earned cash.

The next question that comes up is:

Can I still even sell my house with foundation issues?

consider when using MLSWill My Home Sell With Foundation Issues?

The Simple answer is yes.

If you need to sell your house quickly with foundation issues you can sell to a cash buyer like Cash For Houses Direct.

If you don’t have the money to make repairs, then fill out this form:

Remember, if you are going the traditional route of selling your home and you have foundation issues, you must disclose your foundation issues to potential buyers.

Also know that if your home has foundation issues your potential buyers might have a hard time getting a loan from the bank for a home with these types of issues.

You don’t have to fix the foundation issues before you list it with an agent, but know that when you let potential buyers know that it has foundation problems, this will scare alot of buyers off.

So going the traditional route when you have foundation repair could take you down a bumpy road.

female thinkingSpot Foundation Repair Before Inspection

Some of the things you may notice if you have foundation issues include:

  • Cracking in the structure of the homes (such as windows or walls)
  • Weak concrete around the home
  • Buckling walls on basement level
  • Crown molding separating from the ceiling

cash for houses dallasAvoid Costly Foundation Repair

You can avoid paying high prices to fix the foundation and sell with confidence

How you ask?..

Sell to someone who doesn’t mind buying houses with foundation issues.

Sell to Cash For Houses Direct

Ready to sell this week?

Complete this form:

You can get your home sold with Cash For Houses Direct.

If your house needs work, that is ok…

From foundation issues to plumbing problems, Cash For Houses Direct has you covered.

You don’t have to worry about buyer after buyer backing out of buying your home.

You can sell house with foundation problems.

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