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Sell My Ugly House Garland Texas

//Sell My Ugly House Garland Texas

Sell My Ugly House Garland Texas

Last Updated: 12/22/2017

How To Sell A House By Owner FastThinking About How To “Sell My Ugly House Garland Texas?”

It can be such a pain in the toe to try and find a way to sell your Garland house fast.

You may be wondering:

“How can I sell my ugly house Garland Texas?”

So your house isn’t the most beautiful home on the block right?

That shouldn’t stop you from being able to sell it.

In this article you will learn exactly how to sell your ugly Garland Tx home.

female thinkingShould I Fix Up My Home Before Selling?

The question is:

Do you pour tons of cash into getting your home ready to sell?

In some situations, it can be worth it.

If you have simple painting, or one room of carpet, it might be worth it…

If you have alot of updates and repairs that are needed, you could end up losing money during the sale.

Trying to get your house in the position to get it sold can cost you a small fortune.

If you dump a bunch of money into it, you could be eating away at your profits.

Contrary to what most people think:

Fixing up your less than attractive home is not your only option.

If you are ready for a cash offer on your home, complete this form:

cash for houses dallasLet’s Talk Cash For Your Place In Garland

The bottom line is:

If you are going the repair route you need cash, and more than likely lots of it.

The question is:

How much are you willing to put into making the home “ready to sell”?

If you don’t have much money, then repairs & updates are an option that is completely off the table.

If this is you but you still want to sell, fill out this information:

You can get a fair deal, so you can get your Garland area home sold ASAP.

Sell House Fast DallasWays To Sell A Home That Needs Repairs

According to there are a few great ways to get rid of your home if you feel it’s “ugly”.

“Perhaps you’re broke or rushed, and you don’t have the time or money to make home improvements, like finishing the basement or painting the house. Maybe even hiring a cleaning crew to scrub down your home seems like a financial reach. You simply need to sell your not-so-awesome house.

What do you do?

Money talks. If your house is something of an eyesore, you can still sell it. But you’ll almost certainly have to sell it for less than you could have otherwise.

“Price solves all problems,” says Bruce Ailion, a real estate agent and attorney in Atlanta. In addition to selling homes, Ailion manages a hedge fund that buys and rehabs properties to rent or flip. So he has purchased a few dumps in his day.

“I’ve sold all sorts of difficult homes, cracked foundations, a side ripped off by strong winds, mold,” Alison says. He adds that he was able to sell another home, which had a resident who was something of a dog hoarder. “The pet stains had pet stains, and the smell opening the door was overpowering,” he says.

So as bad as your home may seem, it’s probably not unsellable. But you will have to lower the price.

By how much? Bill Golden, a real estate agent in Atlanta for almost 30 years, has a simple formula. If you have repairs, and you can calculate what it would cost to repair your roof or paint the walls, “simply subtract the cost of the repairs from what the value of the home would be if the repairs were not needed,” he says.

Even there, it isn’t quite that simple. Golden adds that buyers will still want enough of a discount to cover what he calls “the hassle factor.” Those buyers, after all, are going to have to spend time finding the right painter or flooring company or roofer or whatever contractor they need, and the buyer doesn’t know if there will be additional, unexpected costs related to the repairs.

“The fine line to walk in pricing is to list it low enough that those repairs are taken into account, but with enough wiggle room to offer a further discount so the buyer will feel that it’s worth taking on the project,” Golden says.

Don’t assume the worst. You may feel like you would never buy your home in its current state, and therefore, nobody else would either.

But your real estate agent may not see this as a big deal. For instance, Kella McCaskill, a real estate agent with Keller Williams Tampa Central, in Tampa, Florida, lists some minor issues that may feel major to you:

  1. Your house is outdated.
  2. Your flooring isn’t very good.
  3. You have no air-conditioning.
  4. The exterior of the house looks shabby.
  5. There’s junk everywhere.
  6. You have minor mold and mildew issues.

Of course, you may wonder what a major issue would be, and McCaskell cites a few items like structural damage, water damage and drywall problems. So if the house isn’t falling apart, you’re probably going to get a decent price relative to the area – just not top dollar.

Focus on the best. So your house looks shabby in some areas. Work on making the best parts of your home even better.

McCaskell says she once sold a home with interior fire damage.

“The only thing that remained intact was the exterior … the entire inside was destroyed,” she says.

So what did she do?

“We made sure the grass was cut. The outside was at its best. I wanted anyone interested in buying this home to see the possibilities. I would encourage a seller to do the same. Make the home great in the areas you can make an impact,” she says.

Be transparent. If you’re giving your buyer a tour, don’t deny the obvious.

“Never attempt to pretend the horrible smell is not there. Yes, everyone can smell it. They can also see the trash piled to the sky in the backyard,” says Chantay Bridges, a real estate agent in Los Angeles.

Trying to downplay it makes you look shifty, and now you have two problems. Who wants to buy a house that smells or is trashy from a dishonest homebuyer?

But you can turn a negative into a positive, Bridges says. “Be creative,” she suggests. “Say something like, ‘It’s great that there’s a little bit of a mess. It gives you negotiation room, and you can get a great deal because of it.'”

Clean. OK, maybe you can’t hire a professional cleaner, but you can push up your sleeves and try to clean it yourself.


…via How to Sell an Ugly House – U.S. News & World Report

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