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Ugly House Buyers

//Ugly House Buyers

Ugly House Buyers

Ugly House Buyers

Tired Of Trying To Sell Your House The Old Way? Get a Cash Offer!

The old way of selling your Dallas area house involves hiring a real estate agent and spending weeks enduring home tours while you wait for a reasonable offer to be made on your home.

Sound like fun?

It’s not…

Many offers, however, are for less than the asking price or have incredible concession requests.

Once you have finally agreed on sales terms, you may wait numerous weeks for the buyer’s mortgage loan request to go through.

This can be like waiting for paint to dry…

Not much fun, now much fun at all

This is certainly a stressful, time-consuming way to sell a house, and it is understandable that you want a different experience.

People Who Buy Houses For CashWhy Cash Offers Are Better

You may initially think that getting a cash offer on your home would not be much different than selling your home to a buyer who is using a loan, but this not the case.

Truth is:

There are several differences

Many cash offers are executed without any real estate agent involved, and this means that you may be able to save tens of thousands of dollars in real estate agent fees when you sell to a cash buyer.

Furthermore, cash buyers often will accept a home as-is.

There is usually minimal haggling if any.

Because ugly house buyers do not need financing, you may even be able to close on the transaction within a week or less.

Don’t want to close that fast?

No problem, with a cash buyer like Cash For Houses Direct, you can close on your timeline

consider when using MLSWhen a Cash Offer Makes Sense

Here’s the deal:

A cash offer is available to most home buyers at any time, but there are some situations when getting a cash offer makes the best sense.

For example, if market conditions are tough, and your buyers may have trouble qualifying for the loan amount, a cash transaction is a great idea.

In addition, a cash loan is great if your property cannot qualify for traditional financing or if you need to close immediately.

Cash For Houses Direct makes cash offers on Dallas area homes regularly, and are ugly house buyers who are excited to meet with you and to learn more about your current house.

Fill out the form to request more information and get your home sold this week.

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