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Best Time To Sell Your Home

Have you heard friends or neighbors talk about the best time of year to buy or sell a home?

You may have not put any stock in this concept in the past, but now that you are getting ready to sell your Dallas area home, you may be wondering if there is truth to it.

Is there a better time of year to sell your home quickly?

The easy answer is:

Yes there is a quicker way to sell.

man in front of houseHitting the Peak

Here’s the thing:

The real estate market in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as in the rest of the country tends to peak in the spring months.

More buyers are out looking for a new home to purchase starting in February, and this increase in activity extends through June.

Because there are more buyers looking for homes at this time, you may have a better chance of selling your home quickly during this time.

However, keep in mind that there are more listings on the marketing during the peak spring season as well. As a seller, this means more competition for your listing.

The slowest month for real estate activity is usually November & December.

Here is an interesting video on the best time to sell your house on the market:

Cash For Houses DirectWhen You Need to Sell Fast

Hitting the peak when you need to sell your house quickly is one idea to consider, but it does not come with guarantees.

While many homes will sell quickly during this season, it does not mean that yours will.

A better idea is to sell your house to a cash buyer like Cash For Houses Direct.

Cash For Houses Direct mantra is: we buy houses cash fast.

This means that they make an as-is offer on your home right away, and use cash to expedite the closing.

In fact, because their mantra is: we buy houses cash fast, they may be able to close on your home within approximately one week.

If you want to learn more about how to get a cash offer on your Dallas home and sell quickly, fill out the online form today.

If you want to get cash for your home, and need to sell fast, this is the way to go!

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